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Fuel additive used in French breast implants – report http://bit.ly/A6psHq Venezuela to remove breast implants for free http://tgr.ph/vXHnsi Government adviser says 50,000 women SHOULD have breast implants removed http://bit.ly/xE6bbq … View Video

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Police chief says Colorado shooter James Eagan Holmes acted alone http://bit.ly/P6hbKP Pentagon: Shooter in Batman massacre was not a member of the U.S. military http://exm.nr/LCZ53r Colo. shooter's father, Robert M. Holmes, authored US Navy, military reports … View Video

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The system will send the correct number of rollers automatically, based on tire sensors. This may also be where high pressure water streams are used to but more importantly is associated with soil contamination from underground fuel tanks or auto servicing operations which commonly … Read Article

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Police issue security warning as fuel thieves hit lorries http://bit.ly/zDz4Jn Tourism gold? Insists Lefty Think Tank Wonk http://bit.ly/zSi7Dv Pressure builds to open US sky to civilian drone flights despite safety, … View Video

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