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Word file Bedside Emergencies
40: What if my postop patient drops her pressure? 1: Fill the tank (fill up the dilated system with volume). 68: When should I get a blood gas? Our rule is to get a blood gas anytime we make a vent change … Read Document

IABP Gas Shuttle No blood in tubing NoBlood Blood in tubing Blood No condensation in gas shuttle Tank pressure: specify PSI Changed IABP Location Femoral artery right Femoral R … Access This Document

PDF file | IAB Insertion / CS300 Operation | Cardiac Assist | QUICK …
PRESSURE SOURCE IAB FILL MODE SLOW GAS ALARM • LEAD • GAIN ECG OPERATION n Helium tank is at least 25% full Effects of altitude changes during air transportation For proper operation during air transport, the IABP balloon pressure must adapt to local atmospheric … Get Content Here

PDF file Arterial Gas Embolism
Venous gas embolism with breach of the pulmonary vascular filter (paradoxical gas embolism). -Holding breath-Asthma/Gas trapping •1/50,000 dives-Only need 1.2m (4ft) change in pressure! Boat Dive to 25m •Over weighted •Steel tank, borrowed gear •Witnessed by buddy to plummet to 25m … Retrieve Full Source

PDF file Early Perfusion Experiences
Abiomed BVS5000 ECMO Circuit Abiomed BVS5000 ECMO Circuit Patient Abiomed BVS5000 Outlet Pressure Sorin Apex BVS5000 Gas in -High pressure ventilation < 7 to 10 (14) days?-Is patient sick enough to justify ECLS? Primed ECMO Transport •O 2 Tank Unit Setup •Heater Cooler Circuit on IV pole •O 2 Tank Cooler … Access Doc

Wikipedia Gas Balloon – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A gas balloon is any balloon that stays aloft due to being filled with a gas less dense than air or lighter than air (such as helium or hydrogen). A gas balloon may also be called a Charlière for its inventor, the Frenchman Jacques Charles. Today, familiar gas balloons include large blimps and … Read Article

Second, correct tank problems with fluid (volume) , and sometimes pressors (resistance) 3. secondary to hypotension, poor perfusion and decreased coronary flow C. Best Outcome – IABP Difficult to detect breathing • Difficult to detect pulse, blood pressure Standard gas thermometers do not read … Get Content Here

PDF file Product Specifications
90 lbs (40.0 kg) Pneumatics •Drive system: stepper motor-driven bellows •Drive gas: USP-grade helium •Helium tank: amplitude => 1 V AV pacer detection is <250 msec between pacer pulses •Arterial pressure (AP Order No. Description Language IAP-0400 AutoCAT ® 2-D, -E, -F, -I, -J 1 (IABP) System includes … View Full Source

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